Dear, P.

Dear, P.
I know that i don’t know you.
I know that you don’t know me, neither.
I know that i need extra effort to understand you.
I know that you don’t really have a shit about this shit -and people shits.
But, let me share.
People are talking about you.
People are talking about your uncommon behavioral.
And i laugh.
So loud.
But, i know you won’t care.
Because i know, you don’t care.
And i tell them,
“Can we just let her (means you) do what she wants and stop do judgment about what she did? We are just not a person who can understand her, so why do we think we deserve to judge it?”.
But, may be i’m just giving a shit.
Because in fact, i do nothing.
Because in reality, i still can’t understand you.
Becasue, in my sorry, i can’t change you to be understand-able.
No, no, it’s not like i want to be a hero or what.
It’s not like i want to save you then be a savior -i don’t know what i can save you from
It’s just i had my life when i feel everybody leaving me, feel friendless.
I know what is it like to have no friend around me.
I know what is it like to be spitted out.
I know what is it like for being rejected.
And it feels so bad.
It’s terrible.
It gave me a broken mirror.
It makes me so damn be fucking inferior.
It created me to be a weaky monster.
And, it feels very bad that i ever did it to you like those people did it to me.
Lucky you.
You just don’t care.
You don’t give a shit.
You don’t even will ever read this fucking shit.
Good, then.
You’re greater, because it won’t change you.
You’re better, because it won’t make you turns into monster.
You live with yourself.
With your own understanding.
Even you annoy others.
You just don’t care.
I envy you.

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